TGI Anti Slavery and Human Trafficking Act Information

May 24, 2024

This report is made on behalf of Timmins Garage Incorporated (TGI) and describes the actions taken by the Company during the financial years 2023 and 2024 ending December 31, 2024 to assess, prevent and reduce the risk that forced labour or child labour is used at any step in its operations and supply chains pursuant to the requirements of section 11 of the Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act (“Act”). This Report constitutes the first report prepared by the Company under the Act.

The Company is a Corporation based in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. The Company specializes in the retail sale of motor vehicles and parts as well as comprehensive vehicle servicing and repairs.

As a dealer of new and used vehicles and their parts, our supply chain is primarily based on the supply chain of automotive manufacturers. Specifically, as an authorized General Motors dealership, the majority of the Company’s procurement spend is with GM (98%).

General Motors anti-slavery policies can be found at the following sites:

We also minimally purchase goods and services from other third party suppliers (such as office supplies, shop supplies) and to date have not recognized any risks under the act.

In keeping with our corporate policies of integrity and honesty, we monitor publicly available information with respect to the automotive industry and its’ manufacturing / supply trends and if any risk would be recognized would address the situation immediately. We rely on General Motors and their policing efforts to maintain a clean supply chain through which they supply us with goods for resale.

The Company has not independently engaged in its own risk assessment with regards to forced labour or child labour in its supply chain. As the majority of the Company’s supply chain is based on the supply chain of General Motors of Canada (GM), it relies on the assessment undertaken by GM with regards to the extent of this risk. Again, the report can be found at:

General Motors Company Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (

At the current moment, the Company has not identified any instances of forced labour or child labour in its supply chain, and so no remediation measures have been taken.

As a result of no instances where measures have been implemented to eliminate forced labour or child labour from its supply chain have led to the loss of income, no remediation measures have been taken to address this issue.

TGI proactively:

  • Regularly reviews information and media releases of the GM’s policies and procedures related to forced labour and child labour;
  • TGI is actively engaged with the MVRO, CADA, and other automotive institutions to be kept abreast of any changes / potential violations by suppliers which could affect the organization’s compliance under the act.
  • TGI actively monitors suppliers media and publications to measure the effectiveness of their actions to address forced labour and child labour, including tracking relevant performance indicators.

This report has been approved by the Directors of Timmins Garage Incorporated in accordance with section 11(4)(a).

In accordance with the requirements of the Act, and in particular section 11 thereof, I attest that I have reviewed the information contained in the report for the entity listed above.

Based on my knowledge, and having exercised reasonable due diligence, I attest that the information in the report is true, accurate and complete in all material respects for the purposes of the Act, for the reporting years listed above.

James Mascioli